Mergers & Acquisitions

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WHC Mergers & Acquisitions includes services for small and medium-sized enterprises in the following fields:

  • Manufacturing industry
  • Trade
  • Service provision

Are you the owner of such a company and would like professional help creating your marketing strategy? For example, is your succession plan unresolved, or do you want to release your tied-up capital? Do not hesitate to contact us.
Even if you only plan to sell a part of it or want to increase your capital from external resources, we will be the right partner for you.


The prerequisite is a minimum turnover of 5 million euros p.a.
Ensuring the right sale of a company (which may be your life’s work) is a sensitive and labour-consuming task. Often, such tasks require 2 years or more. However, by our process-oriented approach, we strive for a significant reduction of these long periods while still achieving outstanding results.


If necessary, we can market also worldwide, by involving our supra-regional associated partners. We are in the position to create and provide all necessary information for marketing –: documents, presentations, etc. – very quickly and to submit them in a professional layout.

  • Succession plans
  • Sale mandates
  • Purchase mandates

Effective succession of your company depends on whether you can find employees or independent persons who are not afraid of entrepreneurial risk and who can fulfil the transferor’s requirements as a person. Therefore, it is vital for all parties involved to deal with the company succession plan and the related matters at an early stage.
In this regard, WHC M&A helps small and medium-sized enterprises. Thanks to our extensive network, we have contacts with entrepreneurs and companies who are looking for suitable successors, as well as potential candidates who are interested in acquiring a company. We not only make contacts, but also assist you during the entire procedure upon your request -– up to and including the completed transfer of the company and more.

WHC M&A supports you in the implementation of your succession plan:

  • Creation of concepts and strategies for succession planning
  • Active support in the company’s valuation and the creation of a succession business plan
  • Search, selection and placement of potential buyers, successors, or investments
  • Advice on relevant business and organisational issues with regard to succession
  • Integration of the different interests in the interior and exterior relationship and assistance during the transition stage
  • Assistance in negotiating of individual contracts

WHC M&A is a reliable partner in searching for buyers and in transaction processing. We know the goals of this kind of business and carry out the sales process in a professional manner. The procedure is targeted on increasing value and value realisation:

  • Determination of a successful sales strategy
  • Identification of potential buyers
  • Provision of due diligence

Preparation of the necessary documentation required by investors
Active support in negotiations – up to the signing of a contract
Some things which are often considered to be self-evident and a matter of course are crucial for the success of a transaction. Just two examples of such things are due diligence in preparing the information and persistent contact. Throughout the entire sales process, we will assist you with a high degree of professionalism, as well as coordinate the participation of external partners. A discrete approach on the market is standard for us.

WHC M&A helps customers in company acquisitions. This can be a targeted acquisition of an already identified company or a general search for a partner in the context of a corporate strategy. We assist our customers at all stages of the purchase process:

  • Evaluation and selection of possible target addresses
  • Well-founded company documentation as a basis for decision-making
  • Active co-designing of contract negotiations
  • Support in the post-merger integration

Correct assessment of potential collaborations, setting a reasonable purchase price and the integration after conclusion of the contract are decisive components for the purchase’s success. Our experience ensures that all steps are carried out professionally and with a goal-oriented mindset. A discrete approach on the market is standard for us.

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